To provide facilities and equipment with cutting-edge technologies to help companies achieve better results. We work closely together with our customers improving products and services in order to maximise added value to businesses and societies today, while contributing to people’s well-being and keeping in mind our impact on the environment.


To become a company renowned throughout the world for its technological contributions and to exceed the expectations of the companies that place their trust in us having reliable, innovative and technology-based products.


TEG Technologies aims to become a benchmark in terms of the quality and innovation of its product range and to establish long-term relationships with professionals and firms.


  • Business development geared towards customers, results and innovation.
  • Focusing on adding value and quality of life of our customers and consumers.
  • Devoted to the environment and sustainable practices.

  • Projects with creativity, passion, discipline and precision.
  • Transparency and honesty in personal relationships, with all the responsibility that this entails.
  • Committed to work ethics and the principles and policies which are exemplary.

Specialists in technology

Two subsidiaries to provide a global solution


Tecno Elèctric Girona (TEG) is a company that has been involved in the field of industrial automation since 1992. With a workforce of over 180 professionals, it enjoys the recognition and trust of a large number of companies in different sectors.

TEG has an engineering department and a production workshop, with its own assembling line, to make products capable of meeting the market’s technological needs in accordance with the principles of facilitating work and providing value.

Early 2017 saw the formation of a new commercial company, TEG TECHNOLOGIES, whose purpose it is to market TEG’s own-branded products.