Gilua is a disinfection cubicle for textiles that reduces the microbial load of clothing by 99.99% in less than one minute. TEG Technologies has developed and patented this new technology for the fashion industry (and for any organisation or business that needs a rapid turnover of clothing) to address the problems faced by the sector due to COVID-19.

It allows immediate product rotation and makes it easier for buyers to choose, try on and return their purchases as usual and do so at the critical points in a simple, quick, safe and effective manner.


The stores don’t need to hire any additional staff or invest more time in disinfection practices. The purchasing process is not slowed down and the customers can try on, buy and enjoy their purchases with complete confidence and safety.


The product is shaped as a booth in which there are two compartments for clothing. Both compartments are equipped with UV-C light tubes. All the internal walls are lined with aluminium to maximise the power of the fluorescent tubes.


EThe compartments are designed so that the light source is at short and equal distance from the clothing at all times allowing a uniform dosage. The product is so created that either two large pieces of clothing or four small items can be designated at once.

Process for use:

  • Open the door
  • Hang up the clothing
  • Shut the door
  • Press the button to begin the cycle
  • Wait for the end-of-cycle signal
  • Open and remove the disinfected clothes

The gilua™ cubicle can be installed anywhere, it just requires a plug to connect to a power supply. It’s designed to help where customers have been in contact with the clothing for instance, fitting room entrances and exits, tills, the counter for returning clothing, etc.