SITEXCO LABEL has a compact, attractive no-frills design with an excellent quality-price ratio and utilizes the same technology developed for the SITEXCO PLUS range.

The SITEXCO LABEL L20 is a machine designed exclusively for the narrow web printing market. It has a cleaning length of up to 850 mm and offers optimal results in any line screen and geometry, ensures consistent print quality, recovers the volume of clogged cells and requires no consumables and generates no waste.

The laser control designed in the SITEXO PLUS range performs a selective cleaning, cell by cell, so the result is the safest, fastest and most effective.


“PLUS technology adapted to the specific needs of the targeted sector. All the advantages of cleaning with SITEXCO PLUS laser technology”

  • Designed using Sitexco Plus technology.
  • Provides highly satisfactory cleaning results.
  • Cleaning cycle between 5 and 15 minutes (depending on roller length and diameter)
  • No need for water or chemicals.
  • No waste (Ecofriendly)
  • No need to remove bearings or gears.
  • Minimal need of maintenance
  • Parts from proven, first-class manufacturers.
  • Maximum safety.
  • Negligible noise and/or odour pollution.
  • Intuitive and easy operation.
  • The roller can be used immediately after cleaning.
  • Maximum recovery of the volume of the cells.
  • It saves time in formulation and pigment.
  • Control of your cleaning and waste costs.
  • High-capacity filter (adapted to the size of the model).
  • Best quality-price ratio.

The “less is more” concept becomes the formula that generates the most value to the customer. It is a simple, reliable, safe machine with all you need. A machine with state-of-the-art technology at an affordable and competitive price.

Approximate cleaning time: According to the roller size (between 5′ and 15′)
Operation: Extremely simple
Optional extras: None
Accessories: Supporting table
Length: 1.235mm / 48,62″
Height: 1.020mm / 40,16″
Width: 574mm / 12,60″
Weight: 160 Kg
Maximum cleaning length: 850mm / 33,46″
Maximum length of the roller: 1050mm / 41,34″
Minimum diameter of the roller: 35mm / 1,38″
Max. roller diameter: 140mmm / 5,52″
Maximum weight of the roller: 30kg