The new LABEL line follows the LOGICAL COST model and offers a simplified version that adapts better to meet demand with the best quality-price ratio.

The SITEXCO LABEL L10 is not just a smaller machine, it is a version designed exclusively for the label market that reduces features to the essentials while maintaining the safety, reliability and quality of PLUS cleaning: State-of-the-art laser technology meeting all the SITEXCO requirements.

The SITEXCO LABEL L10 has all the features needed for optimal cleaning of narrow web anilox rolls.

This optimal quality is possible thanks to the fact that, like any laser cleaning system, it offers far superior cleaning on any line screen, ensures consistent print quality, recovers the volume of clogged cells, requires no consumables and generates no waste.

In addition, the SITEXCO LABEL L10 incorporates point-to-point selective cleaning technology, which prevents overlapping to ensure the safest and fastest results. The PLUS technology selective cleaning programmes ensure that the cleaning quality is excellent for all surfaces and ink types.

Common Sitexco line properties

“PLUS technology adapted to the specific needs of the targeted sector. All the advantages of cleaning with SITEXCO PLUS laser technology”

  • Optimal quality
  • Parts from proven, first-class manufacturers.
  • Maximum safety.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • No water or chemicals are required.
  • No waste (eco-friendly).
  • Negligible noise and/or odour pollution.
  • Roller can be used immediately after cleaning.
  • No need to remove any part of the roller for cleaning.
  • Recovery of the volume of the cells.
  • It saves time in formulation and pigment, as the ink cell is always the same.
  • Control of your cleaning and waste costs.
  • 14 months’ guarantee (2 years for the laser).
  • Cleaning programmes (total laser management that allows for thorough, controlled cleaning).
  • High-capacity filter (adapted to the size of the model).

Differential Sitexco line properties:

“All the advantages of laser technology for the price of conventional technologies, bypassing Premium add-ons and maintaining optimal quality.”

  • Lightweight, desktop machine with an attractive, no-frills design. The “less is more” concept becomes the formula that offers the customer the greatest value.
  • Focused on the real needs of the Narrow sector, it offers a machine that’s simple, reliable and safe, with no unnecessary extras.
  • Price: A state-of-the-art machine for the price of conventional systems.
  • Intuitive and easy operation.
  • Functionality: Cleaning of most inks on any line screen.
  • High-capacity external filter.
  • Only needs an electrical connection.
  • A single cleaning speed.
  • Availability: model L10.
  • HMI for management.
  • No optional add-ons.
  • No internet connection is required.



Approximate cleaning time: According to roller dimensions

Operation: Exceptionally simple

Optional: not included
Accessories: Supporting table


Length / Longitud 885mm / 34,85”
Height / Altura 750mm / 29,53”
Width / Ancho 475mm / 18,70”
Weight / Peso 100 Kg / 220,5lb


Maximum length the roller / Longitud máxima del rodillo
Maximum roller face / Longitud máxima de lavado 500mm / 19,68”
Maximum roll lenght (shafts) / Longitud máxima de rodillo (ejes) 800mm / 31,49”
Maximum diameter of the roller / Diámetro máximo del rodillo 120mm / 4,72”
Minimum diameter of the roller / Diámetro mínimo del rodillo 35mm / 1,38”
Total weight of the roller / Peso total del rodillo 20Kg / 44Ib
Electrical power / Energía eléctrica 1,5Kw
Electrical supply / Suministro eléctrico 120/230V (Single or Dual phase) 50/60Hz