The key factor in achieving high-quality printing in accordance with the market demand is that the ink transfer is conducted in a consistent and homogeneous manner, and the proper cleaning of the rolls and sleeves is critical.


In addition, working with high-line screens rolls, through which much higher accuracy and detail in the printing is achieved, however makes the cleaning on the micro-alveoli on the surface of the anilox more difficult to achieve.

Maximum efficiency

Traditional cleaning systems, apart from being non-environmentally friendly and requiring a constant supply of consumables, are also inefficient because they can barely reach all the angles, as a result of which volume is lost, the ink transfer is reduced and the final quality is impaired.


Laser technology is the only approach that achieves optimal quality in all the geometries and line screens and ensures full recovery of the volume of cells. Furthermore, Sitexco systems do this quickly and safely.


Sitexco’s experience, endorsed by the FTA TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION award received in the USA, has always featured advanced laser technology which, together with its state-of-the-art software, enables users to clean with greater ease and safety. Sitexco laser cleaning machines are also the least damaging for the environment and the most effective way for companies for maintaining an anilox inventory.

New range

The new SITEXCO PLUS range massively improved safety and efficiency. We’re proud of the progress of the new generation of Sitexco, placing TEG Technologies at the forefront of the sector.


In addition to the traditional range regarding roller length and diameter, the new Sitexco Plus systems offer a selection of three cleaning speeds in each of their models. The most advanced technology in laser cleaning is not only fast and efficient but also adaptable to the customer’s needs. Together with the low energy consumption and the absence of consumables, it’s well-suited to the sustainability and investment budgets of numerous companies.


Sitexco Plus has an improved design and incorporates Industry 4.0 breakthroughs with rapid solutions, data monitoring, connected working environments, bringing future standards to the present.